VK2FMIA.COM is a Blog on some of the interests that I have. From Amateur Radio, 4WDing to Photography and other things.

The name of this blog is my Amateur Radio callsign, VK – Australia, 2 – NSW, F- Foundation,  MIA – my own choice ( Missing In Action, as I tend disappear from time to time, seemed appropriate ).

Amateur Radio – The original social network!!.

Born  in 1964 and raised in Barraba, NSW, Australia, a small rural town. Our family emigrated from England to the district in the early 1830`s, taking up a small property to the west of town. Descended from English/Irish/German background, our family arrived in Australia as free settlers. I do not know much about my early family history apart from few stories from relatives that still live in the area.

I spent most of my early life in the area, going to school, working with my father who was at different times a Shearer, Trapper, Rural Fencer, Stockyard builder, Jackaroo, Timber feller & Blacksmith. My love of rural life, working with my hands and being out in the bush came from this time with my father.

I finished my formal education at 16, preferring the school of life and began to work full time with dad. I was the youngest of six children, grew up as an only child, being 12 years younger than my elder brother, all of my siblings had left home before I had any memories of them. I thought of them more as uncles and aunts than as siblings. Some stayed in the area, others moved farther  afield, one lives in England.

My fathers name was Cobber ( aussie slang for mate of friend ), I did not now his real name was Kevin until I was 13 or so. Dad more or less retired when I was 20, he was 70 at the time, I found that work in my area was becoming harder to find. I moved to Gunnedah, about 90 km away and began working there at an Abattoir  for about 10 years until it closed, then on to a Motor Wreckers. The owners also had a small dirt track speedway as well, I soon gained an interest in Motorport photography, taking photos from the tow truck and infield. I also worked at a Tannery there for about 5 years until an injury forced me to find a job that was a little less physically demanding.

It was in Gunnedah that I met my two best friends, one become my partner of 22 years. Sadly she passed away in 2010 from a lifelong illness at 38 years of age. Due to her illness we were not able to have children. I miss her greatly, my true solemate. After her passing I sold just about everything and traveled around Australia for a few years, her spirit accompanying me on the trip that we had always planned.

Peter, who I met through her is still my greatest friend, always there for me. A knockabout sort of fellow, he has kept me on the strait and narrow. Having similar interests to me such as Gold Fossicking and Fishing, we have spent some great times, travelling and camping.

Now I live back in Barraba, looking after Mum along with one of my sisters who is mums primary carer. Pretty quite kind of life, apart from the odd 4WD expedition with a couple of other close friends.

I became involved in Amateur Radio a few years ago after being introduced to the hobby by another great friend. Being able to talk to other people all around the world still fascinates me. The hobby has so many different aspects, it will take a lifetime to experience them all.

Anyway that enough about me, I can hear the Outback calling ………………………….


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I enjoy your photos. I don’t know a thing about amateur radio, but it sounds fascinating. One of the things I like about blogging is that I get to interact with people from around the world. I am truly sorry that you lost the love of your life at such a young age. I’m sure your mum and your sister appreciate that you are at home with them. Best wishes. – Robin

    • Thank you for dropping by & for your thoughts as well. I also enjoy blogging for that reason, it`s great to see how others enjoy the world around them. Amateur Radio, they call it the “Original Social Network”. Its a great hobby, much the same as blogging, making contact with people all over the world. If you enjoy my photos, I have another blog, Compass Photography, just for my images, if you would like to have a look. Thanks again for your comments. Cheers, Doug.

  2. Hi Doug
    thanks for sending the ‘like’ for my blog. It is much appreciated. I am looking forward to having a contact with you before too much longer. You certainly have been very activate and have had some great contacts. And as far as your blog is concerned it is stunning.

    John D

    • Thanks for visiting John. I try to read as many blogs as I can & leave a little 73`s, it`s good to see other parts of the country and what other amateurs get up to. I see you are out and about tomorrow, will keep an ear out for you.
      Cheers, Doug

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