Pentax K-30 Camera Review


I purchased my K-30 just over 12 months ago and I thought I would write a review on it`s performance to date. A mid range DSLR, 16 megapixels, three inch screen and 100% field of view.

A main feature of this camera is it`s weather resistance, being able to use it in any conditions makes it an ideal camera for those who are out in the great outdoors a lot. Also good for sporting activities, such as motorsport were you might be exposed to dusty conditions.

Ergonomics are good, with a large grip and solid feel. Inbuilt Shake Resistance makes it very practical to use with a great range of lenses, where other brands only have this built into the lens. The K-30 uses a Lithium-Ion battery, but AA batteries can also be used with the optional adapter, great when there is no power supply handy to recharge. A digital level meter is also built in.

An optional extra is a GPS receiver for Geo Tagging as well as for Astro-photography, which moves the sensor to track the stars or planets during long time exposures, giving brilliant night sky images using standard lenses or when connected to a telescope.

The CMOS censor used is the same as found in Nikon & Canon DSLR`s in the same price range, only different software and Colour Lookup Tables are used. Shoots fast as well, up to 8 frames per second.

Two User settings provide for quick changes for different conditions, both progamerable to your specifications. Inbuilt filters for different modes are quick and easy to use. It also has HD Video capabilities. A button on the side of the camera is used to switch between JPEG, RAW & JPEG + RAW.

Couple of things that I don`t like are the positioning of the Shutter speed control an the ON/OFF switch, I feel these should be swapped around to make them easier to use.

I am very happy with this camera, it is approaching the 10,000 shutter count with no problems. The Pentax K-30 has now been superseded by the K-50, although I do not know much about this camera, it retains most of the features of the K-30.

I am in no way affiliated with Pentax, these are just my thoughts on a great camera and brand, having used Pentax cameras for over 30 years, I have found them to be reliable and easy to use as well as being affordable. All of the images on my blog have been shot using Pentax cameras and lenses.

Happy Snapping.



4 thoughts on “Pentax K-30 Camera Review

      • I really think about Pentax for my next camera. The only aspect that would stop me is the fact that Pentax are in Europe and they’re absent in Canada. But maybe I’ll get one either.

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